Recent Teaching

The Institute of Psychoanalysis BPAS teaching ‘Ferenczi and Contemporary Psychoanalysis’ biannually and clinical seminars annually.

Psychoanalytic Institute for Eastern Europe teaching and supervising in the annual summer school 2010-14

Teaching on the Psychoanalysis MSc at University College London   2006-13.

Teaching and supervising widely throughout Europe, annually in Cape Town 2004 to 2015 and teaching termly in Chicago  2009-2018.

Invited lecturer at the Chicago Inst, San Francisco Inst and the Karen Horney Inst New York 2012-3 . Los Angeles 2018

Discussions of Dark Times in Sheffield , Leeds and Nottingham

Conference on The Independent Tradition. Beijing, China

Translation and Psychoanalysis conference
‘Psychosomatics, Metaphor and Translation’
The Site and the Freud Museum

Serbian Psychoanalytic Society
Violence and Destruction in Independent Theory.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Now 2019- BCP .
Things Fall Apart: Identity, insecurity and fracturing societies
Invited discussant

Taipei, Taiwan
Int conference of the Transitional Justice Commission: Political Trauma and Healing
‘The Psychodynamics of Authoritarianism’

Academia Sinica -‘Trauma in Society’.